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Specification of Bridge Scale

Weighbridge is a set of tools for weighing goods vehicles / trucks that can be installed permanently or portable devices that are used to determine the weight of a vehicle and its contents are used for road supervision or to measure the amount of load on industry, ports or agriculture. The Weigh Bridge has also been equipped with a Loadcell sensor to read the weight of the media to be weighed. There are several weighing supporting components including: 1. Indicator Scales 2. Loadcell (Sensor) 3. Construction Scales (Iron WF: 500/600/200 For Main Beam & Cross Beam) 4. Foundation (Can be in the form of chicken paws or piles) 5. Cameras 6. Software and printers Weigh bridge facilities generally consist of: Weigh bridge complexes and are enclosed with a fence in and out of the vehicle to be weighed Weigh bridge platforms Weigh bridge operational buildings, consisting of: operator weighing rooms, administrative space, headroom , WC / Bathroom, Officers break room, meeting room, kitchen, generator or equipment warehouse. For a weighbridge that is far from the city, it is equipped with mess workers. In addition there are also sports facilities (badminton / pimpiong), places of worship (prayer rooms, chapels). Furthermore, to fulfill law enforcement, in the weighbridge complex there is a warehouse or a piling yard to store excess cargo that is being dealt with.

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